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    Women's Golf & Fun League

Women's Golf & Fun League - 2018 Informational Brochure

2018 Informational Meeting: Tuesday, May 29th @ 6:00 pm
(Bar & Grill @ Rolling Meadows GC)

Since 2004, Rolling Meadows has offered a league on Monday nights for women to learn about the game and have the opportunity to play. Over the years I have tried different formats and times and I believe we have finally come up with a program that suits those of you that have a busy schedule. The format is quite simple. On Monday nights, we will start with a group clinic at 5:30. Each week we will cover a new topic. The clinic will last approximately 45 minutes. This time will be very hands on. You will be actively involved in practicing the skill. During your practice, our instruction team will work with you to help you better understand the concepts. After the clinic, you will hop on a cart and head out to the golf course. We will have players start on different holes of a particular nine, and play until they have had enough. That could mean 3 holes or 12 holes, it up to you!


  • Weekly Emails with the Lesson Topic
  • On Course Reinforcement
  • Additional Instructors
  • Weekly Wrap up Email

The program is designed to be flexible and fun. It is also a GREAT value! Some benefits of the program:

  • There are no requirements to prepay for the season. - If you can't make it one week, I understand. I'll see you the next week!
  • PGA Member Instruction - The PGA is the leader in all things golf and the experts in the game of golf.
  • A Drink Ticket! - Who doesn't love that? Your weekly fee includes a ticket for the drink of your choice.
  • Golf - Not only are you getting great instruction, you get the opportunity to put it into practice on the golf course!
  • A Cart - I include a cart in the price so you can quickly get to a hole and begin playing AND get as many holes completed as you can.
  • Price - If you only can play 3 holes on a particular night, that's okay. The weekly fee isn't so high that you have to feel bad about not completing the round.
  • FUN - The goal of this league is to help you have fun playing golf. Why you play or what fun is to you will be different for everyone. My goal is to get you having fun as quickly as possible!
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