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    Club Fitting

Information on club fitting for 2023 will be posted in Early 2023

Basic Iron Fitting

Make sure you have the correct length, lie angle and shaft specifications. Research has shown that a golf club that is one degree to upright or flat will cause the golf ball to miss it's intended target by 10'. Having the correct length and lie angles will significanlty improve your ability to hit consistently good golf shots.

Driver Fitting

Do you know what loft you should be playing? How about what your launch angle? Spin Rate? How do the characteristics of a golf club effect these things? These are all questions that can be answered through our driver fitting. You will get a driver that gives you the best chance to maximize distance and accuracy!

Full Bag Fitting

This process will set you up for success! In addition to the iron and driver fitting, you will recieve valuable data to help you select your set composition. Should you carry 3 wedges? A 3 wood and a 5 wood? What about hybrids? At the end of a full bag fitting, you can be confident that your equipment is set up for you!

Fitting Shed

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