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    Club Fitting

Rolling Meadows GC is proud to offer professional club fitting services. PGA Professional Don Du Chateau is certified to fit you for your next equipment purchase. The fitting process will take place in our new Fitting Center, located on the driving range. Clients will have the opportunity to be fit using traditional length and lie techniques as well as data collect from a Foresight Launch Monitor. Unlike many competitors that use a launch monitor, our Fitting Center allows us to combine all of the launch monitor data with the ability to see ball flight. We have demos and fitting carts from many of the major club companies. Rolling Meadows is the place to go for expert club fitting and a great price!

For more information, please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call him at 920.924.2425. Appointments are required for all fitting sessions.

Basic Iron Fitting

Make sure you have the correct length, lie angle and shaft specifications. Research has shown that a golf club that is one degree to upright or flat will cause the golf ball to miss it's intended target by 10'. Having the correct length and lie angles will significanlty improve your ability to hit consistently good golf shots.

Driver Fitting

Do you know what loft you should be playing? How about what your launch angle? Spin Rate? How do the characteristics of a golf club effect these things? These are all questions that can be answered through our driver fitting. You will get a driver that gives you the best chance to maximize distance and accuracy!

Full Bag Fitting

This process will set you up for success! In addition to the iron and driver fitting, you will recieve valuable data to help you select your set composition. Should you carry 3 wedges? A 3 wood and a 5 wood? What about hybrids? At the end of a full bag fitting, you can be confident that your equipment is set up for you!

Fitting Shed

We have the following equipment for you to try as part of a fitting with Golf Professional Don Du Chateau


917 D2
917 D3

Fairway Woods

917 F2
917 F3


816 H1
816 H2

Course GPS